Basic Life Support Courses

IAP BLS Course for HCPs (Provider Level)

This course is designed for Doctors from any discipline. Hands on training is provided at the venue to perform CPR on adult, child and infant on manikins. In addition maneuvers to remove foreign body in complete airway obstruction is practiced. At the end of the training, candidates are evaluated through a written as well as skills based assessment and the ones who are successful are certified in the IAP BLS program. A manual is provided for advance preparation to facilitate successful completion of assessment to each candidate well before the course. The certificate is valid for a period of three years from the date of issue. Eligible and Interested candidates would be provided with an opportunity to become trainers / instructors for IAP BLS activities either on the same day or any subsequent course that may be decided by the course director.. Recommended for all Graduates in the Medicine by the IAP